What’s in my gym bag?

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Before we talk about my dirty laundry, I mean gear, let’s talk about the bag itself.  I’ve literally tried 10 different bags (and probably will try as many more). I can attest the saying no bag is perfect is a fact. It could have everything you’re looking for but still, be off in one key factor. 
My must-haves: hold a shit ton of gear, not look too big, and sit on my back comfortably (so a bag that defies all laws of physics).  I settled on the Gucci ($$) of backpacks, the GORUCK GR2

My GR2 holds a ton (34L), is bombproof in construction, and most importantly doesn’t hurt my back when fully loaded with crap. I wish it had an external bottle holder to free up space inside and or hold a tripod. It also has two main zippered compartments with smaller zippered pockets within for extra organization. I could do without the smaller of the two compartments to make for one massive compartment. But as they say, buy a bigger house and soon the amount of crap you own will grow to fit it. My gym bag is no different as you’ll see from the list below. 

  1. Sneakers: Reebok Nano 9

2. Shorts: Sunga Life 4-way stretch Board Shorts (because vets make cool gear apparently)

3. Jump rope: RX Smart Gear with the Poseidon weight cable – After trying other brands, I am religious about this brand. Use the rope as part of many of my workouts and warm-up for all of them.

4. Reebok gym sack – to carry my gym essentials (chalk, water, writs and knee wraps, etc) on the gym floor (some gyms don’t allow backpacks in the workout areas)

5. Water bottle: Camelbak Chute Mag 40oz – this large insulated steel bottle keeps my water cold all day long and saves me $$ and guilt by avoiding plastic bottles. 

6. WOD Wear Wrist wraps

7. Workout Supplements: Hydrus Performance electrolytes, Frog Fuel protein/carb packets

8. Surefire Flashlight (my hero complex)

9. Dopp kitt – Topo Designs Accessory Pouch

10. Master Lock

11. Hoodie – Olivers Apparel Mens Merino Wool Performance Porter Hoodie – for when chilling at the coffee shop gets a little too chill

12. AER Cable Kit – to keep my charging cables from getting out of control

13. Protein Bottle – Blender Bottle ProStak

14. MacBook Pro – what I use to build this site. Have MacBook + GR2, will travel.

So, what’s in your gym bag? 

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