UltraMad Madagascar


Antananarivo Madagascar
Andohan Imandroseza, Antananarivo Madagascar

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66 °F
Wind: 7 MPH
Humidity: 1 %


Jun 20 2020 - Jun 27 2020


08:00 - 16:00

UltraMad Madagascar – Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is a country that we love to discover as the landscapes are exceptional and his people offer his many smiles to his travelers. Located between East Africa and the island of Reunion, it has in its people a mixture of all horizons born waves of successive migrants.

Through this first edition of the UltraMad, runners will cross three major tourist sites located in the center and south of Madagascar.

First edition – 4 steps – 168km – 7200m from D + Referenced ITRA – No time barriers – 3 tourist sites of central and southern Madagascar visited including a national park (Andringitra and the second summit of Madagascar at 2658m)

Designed for trailers in preparation, in need of km and height differences or looking for a challenge.
2 nights in a bivouac, the rest in hotels or eco lodge
60 places maximum of proposed to simplify the logistics (we just opened the inscriptions)
Price: 990 euro (all inclusive excluding air flight)

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