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Triangle VA, 22172 USA

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Jun 06 2020


08:00 - 22:00

OSS/CIA 50 Mile Night Run – Triangle, VA

The OSS/CIA 50 Mile Night Run traverses the historic trail of today’s Prince William Forest Park. In the days leading up to and during World War II, the Park, its trails, and Cabin Camps were the secretive training sites of the Office of Strategic Service, the organization predecessor to the CIA. Runners have up to 14 hours to complete their mission with a tighter 13 hour cut-off for podium driver runners! The course features two large 25.5 mile loops covering all corners of the Park. Starting just before sunset and finishing at 8:30am, runners will not run the same sections of the course in daylight and the night will remain a mystery. Come and see what our little secret is all about……origins of the CIA. The OSS/CIA 50 miler is (as its name suggests) a 50 mile event, and we do have a 25 mile option. The course is a 25+ mile loop run primarily on single track, with some fire road, and several bridge and road (NPS road) crossings. All starters that complete one loop of the course (25+ miles) will have their finish recorded. The 25+ mile loop is run twice to give you 50+ miles. If you choose to run one loop or you simply want to run one loop, that is not a problem. You will not receive the OSS finisher’s award. One loop results will be posted.

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