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Jun 27 2020 - Jun 28 2020


08:30 - 17:30

Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist Certification June – Austin, TX


This course is designed to provide each attendee a clear and accessible path to the utilization of the Steel Mace. An incredibly powerful tool for shoring up weakness, preventing injury and creating full body strength that starts from the inside out.

One of the most significant advantages of training with the Steel Mace is it provides an easy entry point into the use of offset weight on the end of a long lever. The uneven weight distribution is continually triggering the forces that act on the rotational make up of our system – no matter how light or heavy it is.

Due to gravity, we are subject to those forces constantly reinforcing the imbalance that saps our strength. Not understanding how they influence our structure decreases our ability to control them. That is, unless we intentionally engage these forces and activate new ones through purposeful multi-planar movement. Which is what you will learn going through the Steel Mace Specialist Certification at the Onnit Academy.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist Certification teaches attendees to:

• Understand the impact of rotational forces enacted on the body and their influence on movement and performance.

• Recognize structural imbalances and gaps in strength for generating force.

• Engage optimal structural integration to recalibrate for controlled, purposeful movement.

• Modify the position and alignment of both body and Steel Mace to specifically induce highly influential offset leverage and rotational training outcomes.

• Utilize the nuances of hand placement, mace configuration and positional alignment for unlocking easy access to the expansive library of Onnit Academy Steel Mace movements.

• Perform dynamic hand switching for smooth movement transitioning.

• Lay the groundwork for Steel Mace flow movement sequencing.

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