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Jun 13 2020 - Jun 14 2020


08:30 - 18:00

Onnit Academy Durability Certification June – Austin, TX


This course has been designed to provide participants the tools and a systematic approach to maintain and improve the health of your joints and the tissues that support them. At the Onnit Academy, we would argue that having the tools to positively impact yourself and others with a comprehensive joint health program is likely to provide the greatest return on investment of any physical activity.

Why is joint health so important?

Inevitably, each of us is subjected to the experience of aging and its detrimental impact on quality of life. The degradation of joint and tissue health are a large part of what leads to the increase in chronic pain and reduction in function that people experience. The Onnit Academy Durability Course is designed to provide a roadmap to improving joint function, pain-free range of motion and quality of movement through the use of several complimentary restorative modalities.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Durability Course teaches participants to:

• Apply the Body Mapping process as a tool to regularly assess the current state of various joints and tissues.

• Understand the impact of fascial health on longevity and performance.

• Utilize ground based drills to help increase strength and skill in targeted movement skills.

• Develop a systematic approach to Decompression as an integral part of a performance enhancement program

• Release unwanted restrictive tension through the practice of a Restorative Mobility practice.

• Incorporate drills that enhance the Elastic Recoil of the fascial and connective tissues to enhance movement efficiency.

• Target and prioritize specific pockets of tense tissue with a simplified self care massage system.

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