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Aug 08 2020


14:00 - 19:00

Goruck Light Challenge – Greensburg, PA

Desert Storm
“This will not stand.”
― US President George H.W. Bush

The Gulf War consisted of two operations; Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Desert Storm commenced on August 7 with the arrival of the first Airforce elements in Kuwait, and Desert Storm kicked off on January 17, 1991 due to Iraq invading and annexing neighboring Kuwait. This resulted in the formation of the “Coalition of the Willing”. 40 countries quickly formed an alliance against Iraq which included NATO allies, several Arab nations, and numerous former Cold War adversaries; including the Soviet Union. The nickname the “100-Hour Ground War” was coined due to the war literally lasting 100 hours. The entire war only lasted 43 days, from Jan 17 to Feb 28, 1991. Finally, the Patriot missile was first employed successfully in combat to destroy an incoming scud missle after being in development since the 1960s. Overall, nearly 700,000 US Service members participated with 299 casualties.


What to Bring

– A rucksack aka backpack (GR1 or Rucker recommended)
– Ruck Plate = to your weight requirement
If you weigh is greater than 150 lbs = 20 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
If you weigh is less than 150 lbs = 10 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
– Hydration Bladder: Source 3L recommended
– Nalgene bottle (1L) or equivalent (electrolytes recommended)
– Reflective Ruck Bands (or equivalent) on your ruck
– First Aid Kit
– Windbreaker (only if the temperature is expected below 60 ℉)
– Photo ID and $20 cash just in case
– As a class, you need one (1) 25 lb. class weight and one American Flag. Use your event’s Facebook page to meet your class, organize training, and coordinate team weight details.
– Flip-flops (not required) – upon completion of a GORUCK Light, it’s one of the seven great feelings in the world to take your shoes and socks off and put flip flops on. It also makes the hell-yeah-I-earned-my-patch beer taste even better.

Event Cancellation Policy

– Refunds are not allowed for this event
– Transferring registration to a different participant is not allowed
– Store credit in the amount paid for the registration will be issued if requested more than 30 days before the event (NO EXCEPTIONS)
– This event must have a minimum of 30 registered participants no later than 30 days prior to the start date
– If your event is at risk of being canceled, you will receive an email 60 days prior to the start date notifying you that your event is at risk

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