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CrossFit Federal Hill
1220 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA

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    Jan 18 2020



    Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Course – Baltimore, MD

    CrossFit is an international corporation dedicated to improving health through nutrition and exercise. CrossFit is founded on the first precise, scientifically rigorous definition of fitness, and the program produces observable results that can be measured and replicated. These results are seen in numbers logged in gyms and medical labs, and the data confirms that CrossFit greatly improves both athletic performance and health.

    The Level 1 provides an introductory education on the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. It is the starting point for anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness through effective training and nutritional strategies. Prospective coaches and gym owners take the Level 1 to acquire the foundational training required to help others become fitter and healthier using the CrossFit methodology.

    The Level 1 offers expert instruction on the CrossFit methodology through two days of classroom instruction, small-group training sessions, and coach-led workouts. The Level 1 environment and all aspects of the course are supportive of all levels of athletes, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced.

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