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Jun 27 2020



Battleground Saar – Völklingen, Germany

Battleground Saar is a functional team fitness competition event that will be held for the first time on June 27 and 28, 2020 in Völklingen in the Saarland over two days.

The first edition will be a pure team event, in which 100 teams with a total of 200 athletes compete against each other in the Saar Battleground. In each case 50 teams in the male / male pair and 50 teams in the female / female pairing contest demanding competitions in two arenas.

Special features of the event:

Participation in the event is possible without prior qualification! Why?
Many good athletes try to fight their way through qualifications to make it onto the large competition area. Many fight for places, but only a few really manage to qualify. With Battleground Saar, I would like to try to offer exactly these athletes the opportunity to compete in an impressive setting in a demanding competition.

The promise of Atx as a device sponsor, as well as the staging in the Hermann-Neubergerhalle and the Hermann-Neubergerstadion, makes it possible to organize a competition at the highest level, which not only gives the athletes the feeling of participating in a large competition, You WILL become part of a real big event.

Rx, Intermediate, Scaled or Masters, you will search in vain “at the first edition” of Battlegroundsaar.
Is the event only for elite athletes now? No – however it is definitely not an event for beginners . The unique feeling under the eyes of friends, fans and teammates should be made possible for as many athletes as possible. Nevertheless, the workouts for everyone will take place on a feasible, but demanding and demanding level.

Course of the event:

All teams will complete four workouts on Saturday. Three more workouts will take place on Sundays. After the first workout on Sunday morning, there will be a cut after which only a certain number of teams will continue to compete for the two final workouts.

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