Spartan Race Stadion Madrid – Madrid, Spain

Spartan Stadion
3 mi/5 km 20 Obstacles 40 minutes Fastest Time
The Stadion was an ancient Greek running event and a historic, original Olympic Game. It got its name from the storied stadium it took place in. Now, we’re letting you compete in the legendary stadiums of today and add to their history. But unlike Ancient Greece, all levels are encouraged to take part and enjoy themselves. No matter your level, set your own personal record and etch a new chapter in your own history book.

Nearly 2800 years ago, the Stadion, a massive sprint race, was held at the first-ever Olympic games. A test of speed, strength and willpower, the Stadion was a highly celebrated event, with competitors coming from afar to test their abilities. Today, Spartan honors that tradition, as we take over some of the most famous stadiums around the globe with fierce competition and camaraderie. Whether you are a veteran Spartan looking for a challenge, or a newbie looking to test your skill, the Stadion offers a wide range of obstacles for every skill level. Good news for those of you who are worried about failing an obstacle: we’ve halved the penalty burpees from 30 to 15. Now you’ve got no excuse not to #SpartanUp!
The Stadion’s action-packed, 5 km course makes it the perfect event for those looking to begin their Spartan Journey. Easily accessible to metropolitan areas, you’ll sprint through sloping walkways, navigate winding corridors and scale up hundreds of stairs- and that’s before any of the obstacles. Spartan Elite athletes will enjoy testing their speed and agility on an exciting, fast course. Stadion has everything from low crawls to rope climbs, from box jumps to sandbag carries. You’ll tackle 20 unique obstacles, pick up plenty of finisher’s swag and make memories that last a lifetime. Top Elite finishers qualify for big cash prizes. Tackling a Stadion is the best answer to the question: “What did you do this weekend?”

The Spartan Stadion is a special format. It’s a 5 km and a 20 Obstacles course, but the specificity is on the obstacles. That’s all you need to know…expect the unexpected. But please consider the following: We therefore point out that injuries may occur through falls, stumble, twists, slips etc. when overcoming the obstacles or on the course. Additional risks may be caused by falls of other participants thus jeopardizing their co-runners. Therefore, we ask you to adjust your running speed and behavior based on what you see around you, the respective obstacle and to the rush on the course.


Sep 07 2019


08:00 - 17:00

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Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Av. de Luis Aragonés, 4, 28022 Madrid, Spain

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