Partners In Crime Fall Ed. – Malmö, Sweden

As autumn turns into winter, we take the opportunity to heat up in the cold with yet another edition of “Partners in crime”, now in a Fall edition 2019. The competition is scheduled for November 23, so who is your partner in crime?

There are teams of 2 that apply, guy & guy, girl & girl. As requested by you so new to this year is that there will also be a master group for you who are 45+, YAY! Of course, it is ok to drive in the regular class if you want to drive with someone who is younger.

Another news for this year is that the first two events that are run are qualification events, which then means that you will be divided into 2 classes: Standard and Intermediate + depending on your results during the first two events.

There will be 3 events + 1 final wod per group.

Another news for this autumn’s edition is that if you do not find anyone to compete with, or want to drive a little wildcard then we have the opportunity to randomly pair with a partner. Then send an email to [email protected] or write to Sarah Bergkvist and you will be listed on the list, and the days before the competition will be randomly paired with a partner

One week before the competition, we will start dropping small films with clues to the event. On Thursday, November 21, all events will be released during the day to allow for any questions about the event.

Cost? It might be a crime, but it’s still free this time Denna

Ps. EVERYONE can participate in this competition at any level.

We know that many are worried about, for example, pullups and here are spring comments on it
It is enough that one in the couple can do it
There will be a scaled alternative to make that will be worth 1 pullup.
E.g. 3 burpees = 1 pullup. So you can’t do pullups, you can do burpees instead (this is just one example, but the scaled level will contain movement I know ALL can).
So stop hesitating and check on winter’s happening?

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Nov 23 2019


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