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Get ready for an obstacle challenge of EPIC proportions! This ain’t your grandma’s mud run. EPIC Series is the next generation of obstacle course racing that combines functional cross-training, Strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing elements into the most EPIC course on the planet. No mud, no long-distance running, no ice baths or electric shocks. With Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options at every challenge station, Athletes of all ability levels can conquer this course and #beEPIC!

Otherwise known as The Main Event! This course is approximately 1.5 miles long and packed tight with over 25 back-to-back obstacle challenges. Each station has Beginner (green), Intermediate (blue), and Advanced (black) options to pick from, so you can choose your challenge at every turn.
Ages 13+

This course has 2 wave types:

COMPETITIVE WAVES – Men must do all Advanced obstacles; Women must do at least Intermediate obstacles. This course is timed.
Eligible for Podium Prizes.

OPEN WAVES – Athletes of all ability levels may choose any level obstacle to complete at any time with no penalty. This course is timed.

Not for the faint of heart, the ELITE Course is an intense gauntlet of 10 of the toughest challenges on earth. ELITE Athletes must first complete all the Advanced obstacles in the EPIC Course before moving on to this course, which starts off with a Truck Pull! From there, Athletes have 15 minutes to complete the ELITE Course individually with a judge by their side and knock out a number of strength challenges using Barbells, Atlas Stones, Kettlebells, Tires, Sandbags, and more.
Ages 18+

Elite Course Weights/Reps:

This course has 3 division types:

ELITE STRENGTH DIVISION – Heavier weights, less reps.

ELITE ENDURANCE DIVISION – Lighter weights, more reps, and some cardio funishment.

ELITE EVERYONE DIVISION – A beginner’s version of the Elite course. Not eligible for podium awards.

For Junior Athletes, the KIDS Course is a mini-sized hybrid of the EPIC Course and ELITE Course. Junior Athletes can run, jump, lift, and crawl their way through a short course that ends with a giant inflatable bounce course with a giant slide! Each Junior Athlete receives a high-quality, custom finisher medal at the end of their first run through the KIDS Course, but may complete the course as many times as they’d like.

Ages 7-12 recommended, but parents may accompany younger kids on the course at their own discretion.


Aug 10 2019


07:00 - 13:00

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18100 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 USA


EPIC Series
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