June, 2019

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Fri14Jun(Jun 14)21:00Sat15(Jun 15)09:00GORUCK Tough Challenge - Savannah, GASavannah, GAActivity:Tough Endurance


Event Details

Battle of Ramadi

The Battle of Ramadi was an intense and bloody conflict lasting from June to November 2006 that resulted in the deaths of 80+ U.S. soldiers and over 1,000 insurgents. Since the fall of Fallujah in 2004, Ramadi had become the center of the insurgency aka land of many snakes. U.S. military commanders understood that the snakes would simply grow another head when cut off, and that other counterinsurgency strategies needed to be employed. Over the course of this event, you will learn more about this famous battle along with the principles of “seize, clear, hold, and build” that led to a coalition victory in the Battle of Ramadi and eventually led to the Anbar Awakening, when Sunni sheiks banded together to drive insurgents from Ramadi.

“Not only did we get the terrorists’ attention—we got everyone’s attention. We showed we were the force to be reckoned with. That’s where the so-called Great Awakening came. It wasn’t from kissing up to the Iraqis. It was from kicking butt. The tribal leaders saw that we were bad-asses, and they’d better get their act together, work together, and stop accommodating the insurgents. Force moved that battle. We killed the bad guys and brought the leaders to the peace table. That is how the world works.”
— Chris Kyle


What to Bring

– A rucksack aka backpack (GR1 or Rucker recommended)
– Ruck Plate = to your weight requirement
If you weigh is more than 150 lbs = 30 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
If you weigh is less than 150 lbs = 20 lb. Ruck Plate (or equivalent)
– Hydration Bladder: Source 3L recommended
– Nalgene bottle (1L) or equivalent (electrolytes recommended)
– Reflective Ruck Bands (or equivalent) on your ruck
– Headlamp with extra batteries
– Windbreaker (only if the temperature is expected below 60 ℉)
– Photo ID and $20 cash just in case
– As a class, you need one (1) 25 lb. class weight and one American Flag. Use your event’s Facebook page to meet your class, organize training, and coordinate team weight details.
– Flip-flops (not required) – upon completion of a GORUCK Tough, it’s one of the seven great feelings in the world to take your shoes and socks off and put flip flops on. It also makes the hell-yeah-I-earned-my-patch beer taste even better.

Transfers & Refunds

Refunds are not allowed for this event
Transfering registration to a different participant is not allowed
Transfers to a different event date can be accommodated if requested more than 7 days before the event


14 (Friday) 21:00 - 15 (Saturday) 09:00


Savannah, GA


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