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Feb 05
What is the Best Time to Work Out? 6 Tips to Max Exercise

Some athletes crank out an early workout before dawn before their day kicks into…

Feb 05
Resistance Training Exercises: Weight + Band = Max Gain

Accommodating resistance means you modify the weight behind an exercise such that the…

Feb 05
Non-Running Cardio: 9 Best Workouts If You Hate Running

If you are not into running—and that’s totally fair, it’s not for everyone—you…

Feb 05
Spartan, Tough Mudder Take Step Towards Merger

Spartan Race has announced the acquisition of an exclusive option to acquire…

Jan 08
DEKAFIT, A DEKAthlon for ALL Fitness Levels

The concept was simple: Create a fitness benchmark that could be tested in a…

Jan 08
Race Day Nutrition Guide: How To Fuel Up & Recover

Race day nutrition matters – a lot. The right foods eaten at the right time can…

Jan 08
Lateral Split Squats Video: Build Leg and Core Strength

How to Do Lateral Split Squats Fire up your glutes, thighs, hamstrings and core…

Jan 08
Diet Myths: 8 Things You Need to Stop Believing Now

First, a confession: I’ve been writing about health, fitness, and nutrition since the…

Jan 08
Spartan Super Training Plan: Day 5 — Body Plyometrics

As the demands for the Spartan Race Super increase, so will…

Jan 08
Jose Cordero Went from 550-lb Patient to 220-lb Spartan

How Jose Cordero transformed from a man trapped in an office chair to an athlete who…

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